“Literature exists to help us live richly and well.  At its best, a novel connects the reader to something timeless in human existence, to love and hope and the fellowship of man.  A good book reminds us that our capacity for nobility can always prevail over the darkness that lurks alongside it in every human heart.”   - KURT CORRIHER


In the fall of 1941 in a remote Appalachian valley, Junie McAllister kills a vicious neighbor and is forced to flee. His mission is to deliver his ten-year-old son to safety before his former best friend, brother of the murdered man, can find him and exact vengeance. The perilous journey carries them across the mountains and foothills of North Carolina to Wilmington and the sea. Fascinating characters, romance, and suspense sweep the reader along to the novel’s startling conclusion.  Read More

From Anthony S. Abbott, author of LEAVING MAGGIE HOPE:
“SALVATION by Kurt Corriher is a gripping novel  that engages the reader from the beginning and holds the reader’s attention throughout  the extraordinary journey the main characters take from the mountains of western North Carolina, to the farms of the Piedmont, and finally down the Cape Fear River to Wilmington, in the midst of a terrible hurricane which threatens to destroy them all. It’s a book we hate to see end…”  
From John Hart, author of THE LAST CHILD and IRON HOUSE:
“Kurt Corriher’s SALVATION is a journey through time, a full-blooded story of family, love and murder set in the hardscrabble, rural South of the 1940s. Powerful and finely rendered, this is a book worth reading.”
From Leonard Pitts, Jr., author of BEFORE I FORGET and FREEMAN:
“SALVATION is a compulsively readable tale of race, revenge and redemption, anchored in a sense of time and place so convincing you can almost feel the mist from the river creeping over you as you read.”
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